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Gustav Restau - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Yoga and mindfulness for kids

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How yoga exercises improve concentration, balance and self-confidence in children

Yoga is not only good for the body but also has a positive effect on mental health. It helps you to calm and center your mind by quieting your thoughts and helping you to focus on the present. Controlled breathing and meditation are also aspects of yoga which help to lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. Children who practice yoga regularly can benefit from it in their daily lives.

Children’s yoga for relaxation and mindfulness

Children can show signs of stress at an early age so it’s important for parents and teachers to pay special attention to their emotions and look out for signs of anxiety. Studies have shown that yoga for children is a great option for conscious relaxation and that yoga and breathing exercises help children to reduce fear and aggression and improve emotional balance.1

Yoga for a stronger connection between mind and body

Yoga strengthens the connection between body and mind by focusing inwards on your own body through controlled breathing and by assuming yoga positions. Studies have shown that this leads to relaxation, inner peace and a clear focus on your own mind.2 Yoga also promotes concentration3 as children are completely with themselves and have limited outside distractions. This is a great way to introduce them to the principle of mindfulness, helping them to free themselves from stress and tension and consciously get a feeling for their body and their emotions.4

The benefits of Yoga for children

Children today face many distractions from their physical world and their digital world. Yoga and breathing exercises can improve the ability to focus their minds, improve concentration and not be sidetracked or led astray by these distractions. According to a study published by the National Association of School Psychologists5 it can help to improve the attention span of children and may also help children with ADHD.6

Positive effects on everyday school life

Studies have shown that the stress-reducing and relaxing effects of yoga on children can also have a positive effect on everyday school life7 and that practicing yoga at school can help students to cope with stress.8 Even short yoga exercises can help to improve a child’s ability to focus and concentrate which is why schools and teachers are now increasingly including these activities in their curriculum.

Yoga boosts self-confidence

Yoga has been shown to help children improve their self-esteem.2 Basic yoga poses are simple exercises that are easy to follow and there is no competition with their peers or classmates, which creates a sense of achievement and can help boost confidence.

Mindful yoga helps kids with self-regulation and emotional balance

Regular yoga practice can help children to control their emotions and be more balanced. Children often deal with frustration by crying and throwing tantrums, but through yoga they learn breathing techniques that can help focus their mind. These practices can be applied in their everyday lives and help them become more emotionally balanced.9

Yoga and mindfulness have numerous benefits for kids and their emotional and mental state. Practicing yoga can have a thoroughly positive effect on children and it’s suitable for almost every child, so parents looking to bring an awareness of emotions and balance may like to consider introducing their child to yoga.

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