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Gustav Restau - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Get moving your way!

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Upping your general activity levels is a well-established way of improving both your physical and mental health.1 But that doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. There are plenty of fun, even quirky, ways you can start to increase your activity levels without the need for Lycra, Barbells or even a pair of trainers.

Home Disco!

Doing household chores doesn’t have to be boring, or lifeless!2 Pushing the vacuum cleaner around might sound less than exciting but it does represent physical activity – so why not put on some of your favourite music and jive while you clean! Something up-tempo and lively puts a spring in your step and encourages you to perform a mamba with the vacuum cleaner once a day! Why not extend this to mowing the lawn to music? Headphones and a good steady pace will see you become more active as you cut the grass.

Circus skills!

Bring the excitement of the circus into your daily activity routines. Leaning new and enjoyable skills such as juggling, walking the tightrope or even riding a unicycle are great ways to get away from traditional exercises! Or how about picking up a few ideas from the kids?3 Have you ever tried skateboarding or rollerblading? What about a skipping rope? It’s a fantastically fun way of improving your agility and stamina.

Just dance!

Meeting friends at a coffee shop or bar is a great way to catch up but it can also add those extra unwanted calories.4 Why not keep the catch-up but ditch the calories by going dancing instead of meeting for a drink? Half an hour on the dance floor will see you burning up to 200 calories and all while you and your friends are having a great time!

Challenge time!

Competitions are much more fun than a leisurely stroll sometimes – and it motivates you to push yourself even harder! Why go for a stroll when you can easily turn it into a race against time? Organising a scavenger hunt is a terrific way of getting friends, work colleagues and even your family involved in the great outdoors. Set a deadline that people have to find and return unusual objects to home by to get pulses racing. Or what about creating an obstacle course for your family in the back garden? If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, there are so many organised events which you can sign up to. A marathon, a colour run, a treasure hunt – take your pick! Both are ideal for raising a smile and your activity levels.

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