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Gustav Restau - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Take charge of your health and unlock the wellness within you with Lifeplus.

At its core, supplementation is about knowing yourself. It’s about giving your body an advantage, helping it to help you.

Ready to begin? It’s as simple as choosing a supplement, learning about its benefits, and using it regularly. Our popular line of Solis superfood powders makes an excellent starting point.

Learn more about the benefits of supplementation, common terms, and how to get started here



As you start supplementing, think about what matters to you and what would improve your life most. Would you raise your energy levels? Focus on your gut health? Choose mental clarity and sharpness?

Whatever your reasons why, Lifeplus has you covered. Browse our comprehensive catalogue of products to find the right fit for you.


Supplementation is a journey. More than just an avenue for improving health, supplementing can change your life.

As you learn more, you may feel empowered to create combinations tailored to your needs. Looking for inspiration? Visit our Wellness Centre for the latest in supplementation and nutrition.


Synergy occurs when a combination is more impactful than the sum of its parts. There are countless examples of (and opportunities for) synergy in supplementation. For example, vitamin C assists in iron absorption, making it synergistic to drink a cold glass of orange juice while eating foods high in iron. These sometimes-surprising combinations can help you make the most of the supplements you take regularly.

That’s why everything we develop is formulated with synergy in mind. From individual ingredients to complete supplements, all products in the Lifeplus line are designed to work together to be as beneficial to the body as possible.

Curious yet? Explore the synergistic combinations found among our nutritious recipes.


Driven by the desire to give back to nature, we take sustainability seriously. Learn more about our efforts to make the world a gentler place here.

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