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Delivery information

You can order products from our website for delivery to a destination outside the United Kingdom.

Delivery time and delivery charges

Orders are normally dispatched within 1-2 working days and we aim to fulfil your order by the estimated delivery date to your destination but at least within 30 days. If the courier shipping your order offers tracking, you will be able to track your order to its destination using the link included in your shipping confirmation email.

We select the best possible shipment method for each country.

Delivery charges vary, depending on the destination and on your type of order: ASAP order or one-time order.

If you are an ASAP customer, the IP value of your ASAP order impacts the delivery charge you will pay.

You may be eligible for free delivery on ASAP orders.

If you add at least one product pack or one product with a special ASAP price to your ASAP order, free delivery will apply (this is not dependent on IP value).

As you browse and select product or product packs, you can easily identify products which have an ASAP price in the product details because this price is displayed separately.

ASAP order: Delivery charge

Order value
<40 IP
Order value
40-99.99 IP
Order value
>100 IP
Orders including an ASAP
price product or pack
£4,80 £2,40 £0.00 £0.00

If you are not placing an ASAP order, you will pay full standard delivery charges for your one-time order.

Please take advantage of the reduced delivery charge by joining our ASAP program. You can learn about ASAP here.

For more details about International delivery and delivery charges, please see our Terms of Sale, point 10., 11. and 12.

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