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Support and enhance your balanced lifestyle.

Every day your body uses different nutrients to perform countless little miracles. We can share our knowledge to benefit your learning. By discovering how essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes work you’ll start to build a picture of how effective supplementation can make a real difference to your own wellness.


Observing a balanced intake across a broad range of foods is a good foundation, but it’s possible to take an even more empowered approach to your nutritional needs. Careful supplementation is also especially important when your diet has become a little erratic or uneven. More than this, as part of the overall benefits offered by staying active, eating well and creating a positive state of mind, supplementation provides an opportunity to understand your body better. It allows you to discover valuable knowledge about your personal needs: a level of self-understanding that which in turn can boost confidence and offer a profound insight into your own wellness.


Understanding nutrition


Consider yourself


Explore the possibilities



Understanding nutrition

A nutrient is defined as something essential to the body, for maintenance of life and growth. Your body can’t generate nutrients by itself; it must intake nutrients in the right proportions from a number of sources to function normally. That’s why it’s important to take a broad view of your intake; for example, processed foods often offer minimal nutritional value, yet contain preservatives, trans fats or high levels of salt or sugar. It is important to really understand what quality nutrients are, and where you can source them. Nutritional supplementation alone is one such source, though never as a substitute for a balanced diet - more a complementary part of your lifestyle. Learn a little about how supplementation works, how the quality of the ingredients really matters and the synergies that can occur when one or more types of nutrients are combined.

Consider yourself

We are all, thankfully, extremely individual people. Every single one of us. Our metabolic make-up and our dietary and health requirements are all personal and unique, so there is great benefit in spending some time to consider yourself and your needs. How is your lifestyle affecting you? Maybe you feel you’d like to learn more about enhancing your energy levels, supporting your digestion, or sharpening your senses? Why not build up a self-portrait of your overall wellbeing to get a sense of what nutritional supplements might be able to offer you so you can get much more out of your life?

Explore the possibilities

We don’t expect you to become a nutritional expert overnight. Maybe start off gently by learning the benefits of different supplements, so you begin to understand their potential to support your health? As you become more knowledgeable about your own nutritional characteristics, you could start to create the options that suit you best, by combining key micronutrients in different formats to match your needs. And those needs will continue to change: throughout our lives the nutritional support our body needs alters quite radically. Explore and enjoy. It will be an incredibly enriching experience.


A nutrient does not stand alone! A little known fact is that nutrients may be more or less effective when ingested in certain combinations. A simple example is iron; if you are looking to add more iron to your diet, you might think eating spinach would help, which is true, however spinach also contains an element which makes it harder for the body to absorb iron! In contrast, did you know that Vitamin C helps iron absorption? So you’d be better off eating iron-rich food accompanied by a glass of orange juice! There are countless ways that nutrients can be combined to create the best ‘synergy.’ Understanding synergy has the potential to help you gain the most from the nutrients you intake in your own life.

For more inspiration, visit your Wellness Centre

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