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Lifeplus Run The World 2 – To the Moon and Back

Throughout August we challenged ourselves to collectively cycle, run or walk the average distance to travel from Earth to the Moon and back! That’s a whopping 768,000 kilometres or 477,710 miles.

Our Lifeplus community is all about working together, supporting and motivating one another to achieve something incredible. What we actually achieved was remarkable.

With over 3,400 people taking part in this community challenge, we covered an amazing 591,525 kilometres (367,556 miles). That huge total is because of the effort and commitment that you all put in – you’ve done so incredibly well!

Should you wish to raise money for a good cause, you can find out more about the Lifeplus Foundation, with our gratitude, here.

You can still revisit stories from our recent Run The World ambassadors here.

Run The World 2

August 2022

Thank you to everyone that took part!

We achieved 591,525 kilometres!

Share your personal achievements with us


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