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Wellbeing For Life Festival

Wow – what an experience!

What a momentous occasion bringing so many of us back together and at the launch of our new wellbeing festival. Thank you for coming along, testing it out and supporting us. We are always grateful for the energy, motivation & joy you bring to our events.

We are pleased to tell you that the Wellbeing For Life Festival will return in 2023… It’ll take place on Saturday 3rd June in Munich!

See if you can spot yourself in our photo gallery. Share your experiences using #WellbeingForLife #LifeplusWFL and follow us on social media

Event Highlights

In the meantime:

  • Visit our wellness centre for more information into the world of nutritional supplementation and holistic wellbeing.

June 2022

Munich, Germany

A festival of Wellbeing for all to enjoy

Share your experiences with us now!


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