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About Lifeplus

Experience the difference

Inspiring healthier and happier lives.

At Lifeplus improving lives drives us. Finding solutions. Respecting individuality. Doing what we can collectively to expand your wellbeing options.

Because making it easier to decide how to enrich your best self holistically is what we’re all about.

Are you looking for more choice on how to live your life and the support to achieve amazing things?

Lifeplus could be the experience you’re looking for.

Bob Lemon

“We have an amazing energy that is not easy to explain, but we can all “feel” it. I certainly can... especially when we are together like this.”


A different idea.

United by a passion

After working together for ten years, establishing and growing multiple manufacturing and distribution healthcare companies, our founders had an idea for a new company. Lifeplus.

We were then founded in 1992 and located in Batesville, Arkansas, USA where our head office still resides to this day. Born of the idea for a holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle. Our Lifeplus formula.

It’s in our DNA.

A different experience.

Exceeding expectations

Formulating exceptional high quality Lifeplus products ourselves and building on our legacy of innovation and expertise. We use only the finest of ingredients and ensure we provide consistency at all times. Unique products based on our understanding of the complexities of how nutrition works in the human body.

We hear it often. “This is the first time I’ve really felt different after taking wellness supplements.”

And it’s not surprising. Because making our own premium nutritional products consistently to the highest standards of design and quality is at our core.

A different approach.

Nurtured by us

Merging advances in technology with our own people’s skills means we can help you more.

We welcome your call. Answered by a friendly team of Lifeplus people - not a generic service centre. We speak your language. We like getting to know you and helping where we can. You can also order online, email us with any questions, concerns or comments you might have and discover holistic wellbeing inspiration in Your Wellness Centre at any time.

We pack and ship your orders ourselves too. Why? Because we’ve found it’s the best way to make sure things are done right. And when it’s not we can fix things much faster. Simply put, we care.

A different opportunity.

Transforming lives

Lifeplus products are only available to buy directly from us - either by calling or ordering online. Helping us to tailor our products and services to better suit your needs.

Because Lifeplus is shared person to person. Building a reputation based on trust. Organically. Credible recommendations from personal experiences. Without pressure. A program of attraction that compensates people fairly and without gimmicks.

The Lifeplus opportunity. Flexible. Designed to work your way to fit your life. With little capital investment. Virtually no risk. It can be done by anyone. With plenty of help and guidance, when and if you need it, to get started.

Making a difference.

Driven by cause

Since the beginning we’ve taken our responsibility seriously and stayed true to our founding ideals. From the packaging of our products, and everything in between. From the impact our decisions can have on the planet. To the amazing things people can achieve thinking of others.

We work together giving one another support. Helping others is our way of life. We’re motivated to help people reach their full potential and we recognise the impact that these actions can make.

This shared enthusiasm for wellbeing and helping others extends to our investment in the Lifeplus Foundation. A way of providing people, living in challenging circumstances, with a chance to grow. So they too can help to strengthen their communities. Making the world a better place.

A group picture of the Lifeplus team, smiling and waving in the sunshine.

Aspiring to be better!

Providing added value to life … plus more

It wasn’t that we set out to be different. We just wanted to be better – doing things to the best of our ability. It’s why we celebrate our success.

Privately owned we’re free to choose our path and inspire others to do the same. Providing products which represent the best. Sharing our philosophy with clarity and backed by knowledge. Giving options for small yet significant steps which help you to feel good. Hosting fun events which energise and inspire.

Our community is united by this passion. Meeting like-minded people, offering choice and enhancing wellness. Just like our founders. Principled people doing what they do - most importantly for all. Helping Lifeplus to grow and evolve worldwide. Helping millions more people to live well.

Our focus is on your future.

Robert Christian

“By keeping abreast of the latest developments in wellness science, incorporating the newest technologies for making and testing quality products, marshalling digital systems for servicing and educating our community and communication systems for enhancing their reach, we will expand into new markets, helping more people to help even more people to live well.”

Robert Christian, Lifeplus CEO.

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