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Ken Spong - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Nutritious recipes

When it comes to a nutritious diet, eating a variety of food not only ensures that the body is getting all the nutrients it needs but it also keeps your eating habits interesting. Our nutritional shakes are already packed with a number of quality ingredients and here’s a few of our favourite recipes* which include different fruits and vegetables to create a delicious drink.

What’s your favourite recipe? Why not create your own and share it with us at

*Please feel free to amend liquid measurements to achieve your preferred consistency.

Fruit Shakes

Fruit Shakes
Strawberry Pleasure

Tropical Shakes

Fruit Shakes
Blue Mango Heaven

Vegetable Shakes

Fruit Shakes
Veggie Madness

Shakes for Breakfast & Snacks

Fruit Shakes
Cherry Yoghurt

Chocolate or Coffee Shakes

Fruit Shakes
Chocolate Truffle
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