Bodysmart Solutions Men's Gold Formula

Specially formulated vitamin supplements to be synergistic with the vitamins and nutrients found in the Bodysmart Solutions Triple Protein Shake.

Suitable for Vegetarians

By supplying your metabolism with the nutrients it needs, you help keep your body working efficiently. These supplements are specially tailored to contain 100% or more of the daily values of all vitamins and minerals – appropriate to each gender. Supplementing and maintaining a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight. By taking the Bodysmart Solutions Multivitamin Formulas for Men and Women in conjunction with your Bodysmart Solutions Triple Protein Shakes, you’re not only getting the essentials, but a nutritional solution that goes far beyond that. Designed for men to complement the Bodysmart Triple Protein Shake, Men’s Gold Formula is a quality nutritional supplement containing Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin and Selenium, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system and thus the bladder and urinary tract. This formula additionally includes Pumpkin Seed Extract.

Urinary frequency, impaired bladder emptying and residual urine often restrict life quality and well-being. Niacin and Vitamins B-2 and B-12 support your body in generating energy as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, whilst Selenium is a known contributor to sperm production.

Men’s Gold Formula is a great addition to the Bodysmart range for the man looking for a synergistic combination with the Triple Protein Shake.

Gluten free