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Ken Spong - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Lyprinex (60ct)

Unlock nature’s secret to support your active lifestyle

Pursuing an active lifestyle has enormous benefits for your health. Regardless of your age, when you’re pushing your body to work harder, it can sometimes take its toll on your joints and prevent you from leading the active lifestyle that you wish for.

Consuming a variety of vitamins and minerals plays a crucial role in staying healthy but getting enough of the right nutrients is even more important when targeting specific areas.

A source of nature…

Nature can also have a part to play in supporting your active lifestyle. Its powerful resources have a wealth of hidden secrets that can help you to keep active by maintaining your healthy lifestyle.

One of those natural sources is from the purest waters of New Zealand which has an abundance of green lipped mussel. Because of its excellent source of nutrients, these particular shellfish, native to New Zealand, have been a historic part of the local diet for The Maoris (the indigenous people of the island). As well as a range of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, the mussels include a rare potent source of an Omega-3 fatty acid called Eicosatetraenoic Acid (ETA). It was the Islanders’ extremely high pattern in healthy mobility in the older age group which triggered the numerous studies and research into the secrets of these mussels.

…giving your body the support it needs with Lyprinex

Lyprinex is a highly nutritious product containing green lipped mussel extract sourced from the clearest waters of New Zealand. It is formulated using a unique patented extraction process to preserve potency, purity and freshness of the nutrients derived from the green lipped mussel.

Experience natural goodness with Lyprinex and help give your body the support it needs for your active lifestyle.

Gluten free

60 capsules