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Supplementing your busy lifestyle

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Work hard, play hard is a motto that many people can relate to. With increasing demands on our time from work, family, friends, hobbies – even exercise –  you’re probably no stranger to trying to cram in as much as possible to your waking hours.

The trouble is that making such prolonged demands on your body can have a negative effect – a factor which is made worse by poor diet1 . Even those who try to eat healthily, with a balanced mix of foods from all the major groups, can benefit significantly from taking a daily multivitamin supplement.

Firstly while you may think you are eating a balanced diet, the simple truth is that, in some form or another, we tend to miss out on getting the recommended daily dose for all the vitamins and minerals which our bodies need2 . Multivitamins help to redress this balance in a single daily intake. But what specific benefits are there to this kind of daily vitamin top-up?

  1. Offsetting diet shortfalls – For those who follow a specific diet regime, taking a broad spectrum vitamin supplement ensures that your body is not missing out on the vital elements which may be missing from your current eating plan.
  2. Faster recovery times – Illness can play havoc with our diets. A high-quality multivitamin ensures that your body is receiving the recommended daily dose required to help your body’s recovery during sickness or from an injury. Vitamin C also plays a key role in maintaining a healthy immune system, thereby increasing your protection from bugs, coughs, chills and sniffles.
  3. Fighting the ageing process – It’s an established fact that as we age our bodies’ nutritional needs change – in particular, your body finds absorbing certain nutrients more difficult. On top of this, some medications can leech vital elements from your body. A multivitamin helps to redress this balance.

Beyond the examples given above, daily vitamin supplements carry a host of other benefits – not least of which includes supporting the healthy functioning of our eyes, skin and hair. Multivitamins are therefore a great idea for those living in the fast lane of life – a way to support your busy lifestyle3 .

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