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The Spirit of Lifeplus

Celebrating our fabulous community and sharing inspiring stories, The Spirit of Lifeplus event is a calendar highlight for all our customers. Every year thousands of Lifeplus members come together to participate in the unique atmosphere, that together with our referral marketing associates, we create through their dedication to helping others in holistic health and well being.

You can hear from our executives and business partners, about their aspirations for the future and what inspires them to help others: learn about new initiatives brought to you by Lifeplus and be motivated to realise your potential: discover new ways to improve and support wellbeing and wellness at our showcase exhibition: celebrate the amazing opportunities together ... and most of all have some fun doing it too!

To see for yourself just how incredible The Spirit of Lifeplus really is, please take a look at our image gallery and highlights video. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Upcoming dates:

8 June 2019


Messe, Stuttgart

Spirit 2018 highlights

Spirit 2018 video collection
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