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Whether you’re starting your journey into the world of nutritional supplementation and holistic wellbeing or already well on your way, we have information, guidance and expert opinion to help and support you. Let us make it as easy as possible for you with a definitive range of trustworthy, authoritative and informative easy to read articles and advice.

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What is the difference between acupressure and acupuncture?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The benefits of acupressure for health and wellbeing are well documented throughout history, especially across Asia and the East. In recent years, the West has embraced these Traditional Chinese practices and understood their benefits to stimulate the flow of energy or Qi through our bodies, relieving disease and pain while restoring balance and harmony. What […]

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A year in review by James Ellington

Reading Time: 5 minutes Community is an important element that makes up Lifeplus. That’s why we’re so committed to driving initiatives that help others to succeed – on every level. And we’re delighted that our continued partnership with Olympic athlete, James Ellington, enables us to support his comeback through our quality products and enthusiastic community. James continues to inspire […]

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Alternative therapies and their benefits

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are few things in life as important as our health. As incredible as modern medicine is, it’s also great that there are alternative therapies we can consider when looking for ways to keep ourselves healthy or address certain concerns we may have. While some may sound weird and wonderful if you haven’t come across […]

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The mental side of sports recovery

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sports injuries are common for most people who regularly take part in any form of movement workout. Hopefully, any injuries you sustain will be minor, but the more you do something, the more likely it is that will experience a more serious injury at some point. From sprains, strains and breaks to sports-specific injuries such […]

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The importance of warming up and cooling down

Reading Time: 3 minutes The importance of warming up and cooling down to improve your athletic performance Since our school days we have been told that it’s important to warm up and cool down whenever we perform any type of movement workout. We probably haven’t questioned it. After all, we know and accept that warming up and cooling down […]

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How do our recovery needs change as we age?

Reading Time: 3 minutes While it would be nice to have the same energy and ability to bounce back in our 40s, 50s and beyond, as we did in our teens and 20s, it’s sadly just not the case. As we get older our bodies don’t respond to our regular movement workouts in the same way. Tiredness, aches and […]

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The fascinating benefits of cold water therapy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Traditional cold water therapy, also known as cold hydrotherapy, involves water that’s around 59°F (15°C) to treat heath conditions or stimulate health benefits. It might sound more like torture than therapy, but cold-water therapy is something that professional athletes have been harnessing the power of for years! Ice baths are known to help muscles post-workout […]

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James Ellington’s top ten tips to staying mentally focused

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is mental focus? Olympic athlete, James Ellington, is someone that has proven his mental focus through his incredible and inspirational journey to elite level athletic competition after a major road accident in 2017. Having suffered multiple severe injuries which saw him in a wheelchair, he experienced a knockback that not only threatened his career […]

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The importance of stretching

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is stretching really that important? How can something so simple bring such huge health benefits? It’s common to associate stretching with something only athletes and sports people need to do but stretching is beneficial for absolutely everybody! Stretching shouldn’t just become a priority when our muscles start to feel tight, or when we feel pain, […]

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James Ellington’s insight into nutrition for athletes

Reading Time: 4 minutes An athlete’s nutritional approach to optimal performance Whether you’re exercising to improve your mental and physical health or at more of a professional athlete level, sports nutrition plays an important role in optimising the beneficial effects of physical activity, no matter what type of movement workout you do. Making the right choices with your nutrition […]

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What helps joint health?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many of us may not even think about our joints until something has gone wrong — particularly if they become swollen or painful. This is often the case in particular when it comes to exercise. It’s probably safe to assume that many of us exercise in order to keep our muscles strong and our cardiovascular […]

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An interview with an Olympic Athlete – James Ellington

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in the footsteps of an Olympic athlete? Lifeplus has entered a sponsorship deal with British Olympic athlete, James Ellington, as he continues his incredible and inspirational journey to elite level athletic competition after a major road accident in 2017. While we’ll be joining him on his journey from […]

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Reading Time: 3 minutes How much exercise is too much? Anyone actively training to increase their performance can be at risk of overtraining – especially when using high training loads to achieve your fitness goals and improve performance. As studies have shown these can only be tolerated by your body through periods of rest and recovery.1 When considering how […]

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The Magic Window of Recovery

Reading Time: 2 minutes Regular, prolonged exercise is one of the best ways that we can strengthen our bodies and boost our overall health – and the best part is that the benefits don’t stop working when we do! Post-exercise is the time when your body is working its hardest. You’ve done the hard bit and you’re allowed to […]

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Preventing sports injury

Reading Time: 3 minutes Top tips on preventing injury and enjoying the health benefits of physical exercise. Sustaining an injury is one of the quickest ways to derail your fitness efforts. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or are just about to embark on a new fitness programme, it’s important to know how to move and exercise properly so that […]

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Taking nutrients on the go

Reading Time: < 1 minute Whether you’re training for a particular sport, or just trying to keep in shape you need to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs – before, during and after exercise. While stopping to refuel is easier if you happen to be in the gym, it’s not always convenient to carry full-sized […]

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Little red wonders

Reading Time: 3 minutes Small, shiny, tasty – and good for you too, no wonder cherries are a firm favourite for so many. In fact, cherries are beloved in countries around the world, with National Cherry Day1 in the UK, and whole festivals dedicated to them in the USA. We just can’t seem to get enough of this small […]

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