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Centro Rafi Tur - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Promotional Product Packs

Promotion Terms & Conditions

1. Key Information

  • Following promotional product packs include both a discounted price and discounted IP:
    • Robert’s Recipe Pack
    • Purple Pack
    • Vegan Pack
  • A promotional code applies teach promotional product pack.
  • This promotion will be valid from 27 05 2022 to 01 08 2022 at
    13:00 hrs CET
    inclusive (the “promotional period”).
  • The promotion is not restricted to single purchase.

2. Restrictions

  • Lifeplus reserves the right to withdraw or amend the promotional offer at any time without notice.
  • Promotion orders are subject to stock availability.
  • This promotional offer may not be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

3. Ordering & Shipping

  • If any of the products from the promotional pack are already included in a customer’s ASAP order as an individual item, the discount will NOT automatically be applied for the ASAP orders that are shipped during the promotional period.
  • Customers who wish to purchase the discounted special offer should remove the individual items with standard codes and replace them with the promotional pack code(s).
    Responsibility for adding or removing product codes during the promotional period lies with the customer.
  • Once this promotion has ended, the promotional code(s) will be automatically removed from the relevant ASAP order. Future ASAP orders won’t be accepted and only single orders will be processed until the end of July qualification period: 01 August (13:00 hrs CET). If the customer wishes to continue to receive any of the products, they should add these products back to their ASAP order.
  • If, at the end of the promotion, the promotional code is the only item remaining on the ASAP, the automatic deletion of this code will delete the customer’s ASAP order.

4. Returns

  • Customers may return and request a refund as per our usual procedures (as detailed in the Terms of Sale, point 8).
  • Refunds will only be provided where the full promotional pack has been returned. Partial refunds will not be provided.

Customers with questions concerning this promotion can contact our European Customer Care Team via the usual Freephone number for their country, or by email:

Lifeplus general Terms of Sale apply in addition tthe Promotion Terms and Conditions above.

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