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Rachelle Dawson - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Ways to place an order

Ordering your nutritional supplements and personal care products from Lifeplus is straightforward yet flexible.

There are two types of order: one-time orders and repeat orders:

One time order

When you place a one-time order, you pay our standard prices and shipping costs as detailed in our catalogue.

Repeat order – Automatic Shipment Advantage Programme (ASAP)

For products you want to order regularly, we have a great solution. ASAP is our customer loyalty programme. You choose your favourite products and we send them to you automatically on your preferred date between the 1st and 25th of each month (subject to national holiday and weekend restrictions).You can save up to 11% off the recommended retail price and get cheaper or free shipping depending on the IP value of the products you order. Click here to learn more about ASAP.

  • We offer a 30- day money-back guarantee for all our orders.
  • You can place both types of order online or over the phone.
  • To place any type of order online you will need to register for an online account.
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