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The connection between skin care and self-care

Reading Time: 2 minutes

All too often we can be made to feel guilty for putting ourselves first but looking after our own wellbeing is not a form of selfishness at all! Showing kindness, love and compassion to ourselves is a wonderful form of self-care and is one that we should always try to find time for.

Self-care is not only about helping to protect our mental wellbeing. It’s equally about caring for our physical selves – the bodies we were born into and the ones we will have throughout our lifetimes. What’s sometimes overlooked though, is that our physical and mental wellbeing are not as distinct as we might think, and that by looking after one, we can simultaneously do wonders for the other.

Better skin care for better self-care

You don’t have to spend a fortune to take care of your skin, you just need to establish a good skincare routine. Make cleansing your face in the morning a refreshing ritual that sets you up for the day ahead, pat your skin dry after cleaning and then use a good moisturiser or lotion to help keep your skin hydrated.

Being unhappy about the look and feel of your skin can negatively affect your confidence and mental wellbeing, as highlighted in a study by the British Association of Dermatologists.1 The study concluded that “there is a strong link between our skin and our mental health.”

Caring for your skin can be comforting and soothing by nature. It’s a time to relax, focus on yourself and slow down as you set about the ritualistic process of feeling the freshness of water on your skin, the indulgence of massaging in a moisturiser or rich body cream, or the comforting warmth of feeling a freshly soaked cloth to your face. These experiences are just as much about caring for your mind as they are caring for your body. You only have to look at the effect of stroking a dog to see the relaxation effects of touching skin. Physical touch can benefit our skin physically but also mentally, and the scent of a great skincare product can be relaxing in itself!

The power of your skin

The skin is, in fact, the largest of your body’s organs, with a total of about 20 square feet. It’s role is to protect us from microbes and the elements, as well as permit us to feel temperatures and the sensation of touch. Since skin is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it, and a peer-reviewed study showed a 100% absorption rate for fragrance ingredients.2 When you consider this, it’s easy to understand that whatever we put on our skin, will end up inside our bodies too. Avoiding harmful ingredients means we are at less risk of reactions, inflammation and irritation, while opting for higher quality, natural ingredients in our skincare will nourish from the inside out.

Making your skincare routine enjoyable gives you the opportunity to focus inward, reaping benefits on your mind as well as your body. A regular skincare routine is a therapeutic process that will help you feel your best.

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