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Teamwork: The secret ingredient to success

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“No man is an island”, as the 17th century English author, John Donne, famously declared.  We quite agree. People are at their best when they work together towards a common goal – especially when this has benefits for the group and also the wider community at large.

Cooperation for mutual benefit is fundamental in the natural world too with creatures as diverse as lions and ants understanding the value of cooperation and teamwork. For Lifeplus, working together is our secret ingredient for success too.

The benefits of teamwork1

Being part of a community is much more than just an illustration of strength. In fact, community cohesion has a number of positive benefits for both the individuals within it and the group as a whole:

  • Achieving more for less – A group of people working together can achieve far more than one person working alone. Teamwork allows everyone to contribute to the success of their efforts so that the overall demands placed on each member are less.
  • Better efficiency – Groups achieve their goals faster because they can draw upon a larger number of individuals to accomplish success. With more individuals helping, tasks can be divided up and completed faster.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise – Bringing people together encourages the sharing of ideas and better ways of doing things. In this way the whole group benefits from the talents and expertise of others. Plus a community, which is open to ideas from differing cultures, will grow and develop as a whole with knowledge and new approaches being shared for the benefit of all.
  • Mutual Support – Perhaps the most important benefit of teamwork, as part of a coherent community, is the safety of being surrounded by others. A group is able to help and support those members within it – offering protection, advice and encouragement from those who have experienced similar issues themselves.

Lifeplus Foundation

This is why working together for the success of all is a huge part of our Lifeplus philosophy and why the Lifeplus Foundation is so well supported. People in our network adopt projects which will help to bring health, life and hope to those struggling to acquire even the most basic of needs, including clean water. By doing so we are helping them to change their focus onto reaching their full potential in life instead of just surviving. For more information you can check out the details here!

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