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Success – a dish best shared

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The simple act of recognising success is incredibly powerful, but so often in life it seems that the natural thing to do is to be humble and shy in coming forward to celebrate our successes. We fear being recognised, but why is this? Some believe, it’s because at a deep internal level, we can all be a little scared of failure.1

It’s important to remember though, that other people actually want you to succeed! Think about how you feel yourself when you see a Best Man nervously standing up to give a wedding speech or a child in a school play addressing an audience full of people. You’re not hoping they forget their words – in fact, you want just the opposite. It’s the same when others look at you. They don’t want you to fail and they’re not looking at every little thing in case you do. In fact, it’s more likely that they are so keen to see you succeed that, even if something doesn’t go to plan, they won’t notice, or at least, they won’t care.

Recognising and sharing success is fundamentally fun for both the person being recognised and those sharing in the celebrations. It’s an excuse to come together and acknowledge all that is good, to focus on the positive and to feel united in enjoying a common emotion.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the attention being on you, try to remember the reasons why it is. There is nothing bad in sharing your success and you may end up inspiring others to reach a goal or go for a dream – sometimes without even realising it. Success stories can help others in challenging situations to look for the positives and to believe that everything is going to be ok, and they can demonstrate practical tips or actions to follow when they feel stuck.2

Most of all though, if you are the one who’s success is being celebrated, it’s a time to acknowledge yourself as a person who worked hard and achieved something great. It’s a time for yourself, as well as for others, to reinforce the meaning of your success and to allow yourself to feel fulfilment from it.

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