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Sotiris - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Lifeplus Diamond Cruise

A celebration of network marketing success

To reach the Diamond status is a huge achievement. It reflects the dedication and hard work required to develop a successful multilevel marketing (MLM) business with Lifeplus. A Diamond Associate is a role model and a mentor — someone who provides guidance to their own network of associates and supports them in their journey to grow a home-based business opportunity with Lifeplus.

To celebrate our Diamond Associates’ MLM success, and to thank them personally for their hard work, the team at Lifeplus has created a very special reward experience. Each year it is our pleasure to host the Lifeplus Diamond Cruise. Passage is onboard a luxury Norwegian Cruise ship chosen for its awareness of, respect for and preservation of our world’s resources. This wonderful voyage departs from Miami to take in some of the most beautiful ports found in the Caribbean. Qualifying Diamond Associates share a revitalizing week with their peers from the Lifeplus Diamond community. And members of the Lifeplus Executive Team are also present to reveal future marketing plans and campaigns to our respected guests.

The Lifeplus Diamond Cruise is the most sought-after experience in our Lifeplus yearly event calendar. And every year it is a delight to greet new qualifiers and to welcome back returning eligible Diamond Associates. This is the perfect occasion for making worthwhile connections, attending useful seminars and hearing first about exciting Lifeplus business updates. And as important as it is to recognize success, most of all, this is a chance to have fun!

Diamond Cruise 2019

Diamond Cruise 2019 Video
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