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Sotiris - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Support Tabs Plus

Nutritional support for a busy life

Suitable for Vegetarians

Support Tabs Plus is specially formulated to help provide additional nutritional support to those with busy lifestyles who do not always have the time to maintain a balanced diet. A careful selection of vitamins, minerals and compounds provide performance support, such as Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin C to help maintain energy levels; Magnesium to reduce fatigue; and Chromium which supports blood glucose levels; as well as Pantothenic Acid to support the brain in producing key neurotransmitters and help you continue to manage the challenges and stresses of daily life.

Lifeplus has combined these compounds with botanical extracts of Siberian and American Ginsengs. Other synergistic nutrients like bioflavonoids are included to further distinguish Support Tabs Plus as a plant-based alternative to artificial stimulants.

Gluten free

240 Tablets