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david marshall - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Lifeplus Bronze Visits

Developing leadership talent

We like to make sure we’re on hand to support our partners at every stage of their Lifeplus referral marketing journey. Newly qualified Bronze partners have reached the first leadership level of our Lifeplus business opportunity. As upcoming business leaders from all walks of life, it’s a great moment to reflect on how far they have come, and plan their next steps.

That’s why it’s important to us to not only recognise their commitment and hard work, but to provide guidance and training to help them develop their Lifeplus business even further.

Our UK Bronze Visits include a trip to the Lifeplus Europe Head Office in the UK, where we ensure a warm welcome for our guests before giving them a behind the scenes tours of our facilities. There’s sightseeing in the historic local city of Cambridge to enjoy later in the week, and fine hospitality awaits our guests each evening with dinner and drinks the perfect excuse to swap experiences and make new friends.

Alongside the rewards, the insight; leadership development training and team building exercises are designed to support Bronze partners in continuing to build on their success. With Lifeplus Diamonds also returning to advise and lend their own experience, we hope that each Bronze visit leaves our visitors energised, enthused – and ready to start the next chapter in their Lifeplus story.

Event Information

At this point in time we are not able to confirm when we can welcome our next visitor group at Lifeplus Europe. We are keeping an eye on the situation to see when it will be safe for our associates to travel and meet us all in person again.

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