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Fia Hobbs /Arcadia FriskVård AB - Independent Lifeplus Associate

What’s special about Lifeplus?

When some of our Bronze associates from Germany visited Lifeplus Europe recently we asked them what they like most about Lifeplus.

We weren’t surprised that Meliha and Selma mentioned our range of high quality products and the many positive benefits they felt by taking them. It’s a sentiment felt by others we spoke to as well and why so many people continue to use our products to help maintain and sustain a healthier approach to their lifestyle. At Lifeplus we take an enormous amount of pride in doing everything we can to the very best of our ability so quality is an important one of our values - not just for the products we produce but for all the services we provide for you too.

It may explain why, despite many uncertainties in life, Lifeplus continues to be a very successful and growing business. And it’s this credibility and integrity, gained from being in business for more than 26 years, Marc and Kerstin find useful when introducing others to Lifeplus. They also love the ease and simplicity of doing business with Lifeplus but, most of all, love the genuineness of the people they meet and the heartiness of our organisation too.

Everyone we spoke to was overwhelmingly in agreement when they praised the friendliness and support given and received by all. Chrissie likes how anyone can take part and develop themselves. She describes Lifeplus as being inclusive - where each person is welcome and treated equally no matter what their background, age, or situation.

Christina and Tan call this the “helper syndrome” where everybody wants to help and in such a nice way too. And they were not alone in citing this to be in complete contrast to their experiences of working elsewhere.

We often talk about job satisfaction and being fulfilled by doing something we really love. It’s why we love hearing associates talking about Lifeplus so positively - saying it isn’t really like a job but something you all really enjoy doing. So many of you say how fantastic it is to be part of Lifeplus and how you beam with enthusiasm! Meeting new people and building strong friendships with likeminded souls is great as is the freedom to decide what you do, how and when.

Marc and Kerstin find it fascinating what happens in their team with people joining them and soon turning into friends, coming together despite differences which might otherwise have never brought them together. It is simply a family, according to Christina and Tan, from the bottom to the top! We spend so much of our time working so it really is important we appreciate what we do and have fun in the process. And it’s good for our health and wellbeing too!

It really is comforting to see how many of you absolutely love what you do working with Lifeplus: sharing your experiences, your stories, being rewarded for your efforts and enjoying more freedom in your lives. Your genuine experiences - from the benefits provided by Lifeplus to helping others lead healthier and happier live, is inspiring. And we love your passion and true conviction in pursuing what you do.

Christina summed it nicely when she said “The work we do, the company itself, the togetherness and mutual support – this is what makes Lifeplus so unique and special. No matter whether it’s up line, down line, side line - there is always this positive energy. No matter where you are - there is always the people, the quality of the products themselves, the wholesomeness and the friendliness on the telephone. No matter what problems you have or what questions [it’s not even problems really] - there is helpfulness and support everywhere. And these are things you do not normally have in your business life”.

Thank you to all our associates for sharing their thoughts with us. We are Lifeplus and look forward to meeting and talking with more of you at all our future events. If you would like to tell us more about your own Lifeplus experiences then please get in touch at

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