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Spirit of Lifeplus Tickets 2019 – How to Order!

  • Pre-sale registration for tickets will be available from 11 April at 16:00 CET from our website homepage
  • To continue to keep things fair we’ve improved the process for purchasing tickets and everyone will have the same opportunity to purchase tickets from 11 April 16:00 CET – 18 April 16:00 CET. Customers will find out if they have been successful or not from 25 April 2019 and their payment will then be processed accordingly
  • IMPORTANT – anyone logging on to register for tickets must have registered at first, otherwise they won’t be able to order tickets via the ticket site
  • When logging in to order tickets, you must then use your login details
  • If you already have a login but haven’t used it recently, we recommend checking that your login works before 5 April
  • Successful orders will be based on us first attempting to fill all FIRST orders for each pin. Our detailed selection process can be found below
  • Early bird ticket allocation will finish at 16:00 CET on 18 April and if tickets are still available, customers can go online from 25 April at 16:00 CET to purchase further tickets at the regular price
  • Ticket price:
    • 35EUR Early Bird Day Ticket, 40EUR regular price
    • 50EUR Early Bird Evening Ticket, 55EUR regular price
  • We accept direct debit payments for Euro currency customers that already have direct debits in place. Customers in Germany can set up new direct debit payments. All other transactions must be paid for by credit card.
  • If children are coming to the day event and need their own seat they will need a ticket
    • When purchasing tickets for the Spirit Party, please note that no-one under the age of 18 will be permitted into the venue (this includes babies & infants)
  • We will allocate evening seating based on the upline Diamond of the ticket purchaser (where possible)
  • Please send any event or ticket questions by email to

Selection Process:

  • You may place as many orders as you like during the pre-sales registration period. Whether you place your pre-sale order on the first day or last day of the pre-sale period, your chance of being allocated tickets are the same. Once the pre-sale registration period ends, Lifeplus will allocate tickets
  • If there are not enough tickets for all pre-sale requests, tickets will be allocated in the following way:
    • We will first allocate tickets to each PIN’s first order
    • If there are not enough tickets for each PIN’s first order, then Lifeplus will randomly choose among those first orders and fill the chosen orders
    • If each PIN’s first orders are filled and there are remaining tickets, then the same process will be used to choose and fill second orders for each PIN and so on
  • It’s important to note that while you may place as many pre-sale requests as you would like, if Lifeplus allocates tickets to your pre-sale requests, those will be final sales with no refund possible
  • Good luck in securing your Spirit of Lifeplus 2019 tickets before they’re gone!


  • Lifeplus reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel this event at any time if deemed necessary in its opinion, and / or if circumstances arise outside of its control. Should the event be altered, amended or cancelled, Lifeplus will not be liable for any loss of money or expenses incurred by the ticketholder, including but not limited to ticket handling or booking fees and any travel costs to and from the venue

Guests’ personal data

  • The Spirit of Lifeplus event and Lifeplus Associates and their guests attending the event, may be photographed, video and/or audio taped. These promotional images will be used in Lifeplus brochures, catalogues and on Lifeplus websites and may be transferred worldwide to Lifeplus’ Associates* and customers, to its prospective Associates and customers and to Lifeplus colleagues located in the United States and in other countries. They may also be transferred to external organisations which support Lifeplus’ business and its promotional events including but not limited to the Spirit of Lifeplus event
  • The legal basis for Lifeplus processing of guests personal data as described above, is the pursuit of its legitimate business interest, being the promotion and marketing of the Lifeplus brand. Please visit our privacy policy for more details
  • Lots of our Lifeplus team members attend the event and will be on hand to assist our guests. You should let them or the photographer know if you do not wish to be included in any promotional image

* The terminology used to refer to Lifeplus ‘Associates’ includes ‘Members’, ‘Partners’ and ‘Business Builders’ and usage may vary based upon the laws of the country of residence.

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