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Deborah Maddison - Independent Lifeplus Associate

Your journey of discovery never stops…

At Lifeplus, we believe that positive relationships, where we share wisdom and experiences, play an important part in helping us along a journey – whatever that may be. Whether it’s a journey to manage your weight, become more active or find a balance with family life – sharing your experiences will help others to see that their dreams can too become a reality.

When we ‘grow up’ our perspective of life often changes, as well as what matters most to us. We go through various phases, get through a number of situations and challenges – be it good or bad – and come out with different learnings and aspirations. We often refer to ‘growing up’ as a number, when really it’s a sense of being. A sense of feeling true to ourselves and ready to inspire others with our stories.

To understand what others have gained through their experiences, we recently asked a few of our partners what the most important thing is that they’ve learnt in life…

"The most important thing I've learnt in life is to never give up - especially not to forget to dream. One can also dream big and if you believe in something, I'm sure you can reach it." – Nicole, Germany

"The most important thing in life is sincerity, honesty and helping as many people as possible." – Manuela, Spain

"The most important thing we’ve learnt in life is to go through life positively and listen to your intuition." – Martina, Switzerland

United we are stronger. The most recent chapter of Lifeplus stories focuses on experiencing wonderful moments together. Our journey of discovery never stops so discover others’ experiences and share your life lessons - you’ll soon see how you’re making a difference.

I want to be that positive difference.

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